Be Confident, Not Cocky, During Your Interview


Ready to come across as cocky and rude in your next interview – and completely destroy your chances of landing a great job?

We didn’t think so.

Yet, there’s a fine line between projecting confidence and cockiness in a job interview. Here’s how to stay on the right side and really WOW your interviewer:


  • Wing it. You may think you “have it in the bag,” but walking into an interview unprepared will show – and not in a good way. Research the employer. Practice answers to common interview questions. Arrive adequately prepared to perform your best.
  • Use sweeping generalizations. Saying that you’re a “great machinist” or the “best customer service rep” may sound impressive, but an interviewer doesn’t want your opinion; they want evidence. Get specific about your accomplishments and past successes to back up your claims.
  • Try to be someone you’re not. Your prospective employer wants to hire an authentic, qualified candidate – not an invincible know-it-all. Be careful not to take your purported knowledge of the company or industry too far. Otherwise, you run the risk of sounding disingenuous. Always be yourself in the interview – not the “superhero” you think the employer wants.


  • Explain why you’re a great fit for the job. Part of your mission in a job interview is to market yourself – and convince the interviewer that you’re the ideal candidate for the role. In this post, we share practical ways to brag without bragging, by striking the right balance of humility and assertiveness.
  • Send the right nonverbal messages. Your handshake, posture, vocal tone and more all provide subtle cues about your confidence level. Make sure you’re sending nonverbal signals that show you’re self-assured and leave a favorable impression on your interviewer.
  • Ask thoughtful questions. Your interviewer wants you to! Asking good questions shows that you’re prepared, engaged and truly interested in the role. This post shares tips for asking the right questions in your next job interview.

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