Navigating a Career Change During COVID? 3 Tips to Help

With so much uncertainty in the world right now, does it make sense to change careers?

Maybe. The pandemic has devastated specific industries, increased demand in others, and given rise to entirely new types of jobs. While some of these changes have been undeniably negative, others have created an unprecedented opportunity for strategic individuals to make a career change.

Whether you’re unemployed or simply looking for a fresh direction, now can be an excellent time to switch careers – if you take the right approach:

How to Navigate a Career Shift During a Pandemic

  • Consider how you could apply your transferable job skills to a different industry. Transferable skills are not job-specific, meaning that they are valuable in a wide variety of positions. In this post, “Job Skills that Transfer to Different Industries,” we share the top job skills that will serve you well in any position or industry.
  • Choose a path that leverages your strengths. If you’re making a career change, take advantage of the opportunity to improve your “fit.” The better your job complements your natural strengths, soft skills, and personality, the more engaged and successful you’ll be throughout your career. If you’re wondering which industries might be best for you, read this post: “Which Industry is Right for Your Future?
  • Adjust your story. Once you inventory your transferable skills and choose a new direction, update your resume, cover letter, and on professional social profiles to match. Craft a cohesive career story that explains why you’re headed in a new direction and positions you as the ideal candidate.
  • Expand your network. Meeting people in person may be off the table for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with people in your professional network and even broaden your reach. If you’re not currently employed, let everyone in your network know that you are looking to change careers. Follow target employers on LinkedIn and Facebook and find out if you have connections in common who can help you get in touch with hiring decision-makers.
  • Empathize with employers. Right now, many hiring managers are still uncertain about how their companies will emerge from the pandemic. The way and place in which work is performed have changed dramatically – and reshaped hiring needs. Keeping this in mind will help you maintain a positive outlook and insulate yourself from the rejection you may experience.
  • Be patient. It might take some time to find your ideal new job, so be kind to yourself. If you’re determined to change careers now, consider whether making a lateral move or proving yourself in a temp-to-hire position may be viable.

Considering changing careers? 

Start with PrideStaff. Our recruiters can help you:

  • inventory your transferable job skills
  • discuss fields of work that might be a good fit
  • explore new jobs and industries through temporary work

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