Don’t be Scared to Apply for Jobs this Halloween

Feel like your job search is more of a trick than a treat?

If you lack the proper confidence in your abilities, you might feel as though the world is playing a cruel joke on you. As you scour through job postings, you’re likely to find yourself thinking, “How will I ever find a job – I don’t have the right skills and experience for any of these positions!”

Don’t be too sure about that – and don’t let a lack of confidence scare you out of applying for jobs this Halloween season. Instead, use these tips from PrideStaff to gain confidence in your job skills and convey them properly when applying for a job:

  • Assemble your arsenal. Ever heard of “transferable skills?” They’re job skills that can be applied to a number of positions or work environments – and they’re essential to helping you apply with confidence. Review your resume to identify versatile skills you’ve developed over the years – both in school and on the job – and develop your transferable skills inventory. Consider: communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, organizational skills and “soft” skills that allow you to relate well to others in the workplace.
  • Don’t be intimidated. See a promising position but question whether you’re the right match? If you meet a majority of the requirements, consider applying. In many areas, qualified candidates are in short supply. So, in today’s employment market, an employer may be interested in hiring a less experienced candidate who is a good culture fit.
  • Convey confidence. Even if your background or experience is not a perfect fit, accentuate the positives. Think of your cover letter as a “confidence letter” to detail the requirements you meet, and explain how your transferable skills can be applied to close any gaps. Suggest an in-person meeting (i.e., a job interview) to provide additional evidence for your candidacy.
  • Address that nagging voice in your head. When anxious thoughts like, “Nobody will ever hire me – I don’t have what it takes,” threaten to overwhelm you, focus on the positives. Create and repeat a mantra that recaps your strengths, reinforces your value and reminds you that you only need one job offer.

Need more help with your job search and interviewing confidence? 

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Then, register with PrideStaff. We understand how a job search can shake your confidence, and we’re here to provide the feedback, support and resources you need.  Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.