Don’t Let Rejection Burn Your Career

Getting turned down for a job is never easy. And when it happens to you more than once during a job search, it can be downright discouraging.

But feeling sorry for yourself isn’t likely to land you the job of your dreams.

What is?

Being proactive. Smart. Creative. If you’re ready to breathe some new life into a stale job search, use these tips to get motivated – and get the offer you want:

Make sure you’re not missing something obvious.

Sometimes, small details create big barriers to job search success. Do a little detective work to make sure you’re not making a “rookie” mistake like:

  • Sending a sloppy resume or cover letter. Inaccurate, poorly formatted and/or missing information can send your application directly to the “reject” pile. Proofread everything carefully before you submit it.
  • Submitting incomplete applications. Carefully read the application instructions to make sure you provide everything a recruiter needs to consider you for employment. Otherwise, they may disqualify you – even if you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Being late to an interview (or arriving more than 10 minutes early). Punctuality creates a great first impression, sending a clear message that you’re serious about the opportunity.
  • Speaking negatively about a former employer or co-worker. Even if what you say is true, this practice never reflects positively on you.

Keep a reminder list of positive actions you can take during your job search (e.g., checking application materials carefully) to keep yourself motivated – and prevent simple mistakes from costing you the job.

Revamp your job search to-do list.

Apply to 3,495,872,394,085 jobs. Connect with 803,495,403,598 people on LinkedIn. Ugh – that’s not motivating, is it? If your job search to-do list makes you want to run screaming out of the room, reinvent it:

  • Schedule informational interviews. An informational interview is a great way to connect with a target employer, even when they’re not hiring. In addition to providing a welcome change of pace and opportunities to expand your network, you can also gain valuable insider feedback on potential future job openings, as well as explain how you could fit into a company.
  • Set more meaningful and realistic quotas. Reduce the overall number of applications, resume send-outs, emails, etc. on your to-do list and focus more on the quality of your efforts. It’s much more effective (and more gratifying) to send out customized cover letters and resumes to three jobs for which you’re highly qualified, than to send one-size-fits-all applications to 25 jobs that may or may not be a good fit for you.

Find more high-quality job leads.

If you simply can’t find the right jobs to apply for, try widening your focus:

  • Inventory your transferable job skills to see if you might be a good match for similar roles in different industries. Then, broaden your search to include these positions.
  • Consider alternate lead sources. Job boards are a great starting point, but they shouldn’t be your only source of job leads. Target unadvertised jobs by tapping your personal and professional networks. In addition, a reliable staffing and placement firm like PrideStaff has access to a multitude of job opportunities that aren’t advertised on job boards.

Spending more time applying to quality jobs that are a great match for your skills, experience and personality is the perfect way to stay motivated during your job search.

Take a break.

Employed people take time away from their job to recharge, refocus and recommit. You need to do the same, even if your full-time job is finding a job. If you’re feeling down or have hit a wall with your job search, step away from it for a day or two. Do something you really enjoy and spend time with people who care about you. A short break can provide much-needed perspective and renewed enthusiasm for your search.

Want more advice for a stalled or unproductive job search?

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Don’t let job rejection burn your career!

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  • broaden your experience with a variety of temporary assignments;
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