How to Reduce Turnover in Gen Z


They’re all grown up – and taking the workplace by storm.

They’re Generation Z (also known as iGen or homelanders), and they bring with them a host of new challenges and opportunities. In this earlier post, “Who is Generation Z,” we presented an overview of this young, talented cohort.

As you may know, homelanders have vastly different skills, priorities and tendencies than their workplace predecessors; maximizing their job performance requires a fresh management approach. How can you attract, retain and get the most from our workforce’s newest generation? Below, we share practical ideas you can begin implementing today:

  • Pay them well. This generation watched their parents struggle financially during the Great Recession. Now saddled with college debt of their own, homelanders are particularly driven to earn and create long-term financial stability for themselves.
  • Connect them to the purpose of their work. Members of Gen Z are interested in working for employers or causes they’re passionate about. When you clearly explain how their job impacts organizational success – and the world at large – this generation is more likely to be engaged in their work and feel an ongoing sense of loyalty.
  • Provide frequent, face-to-face feedback, when practical. Today’s young workers have grown up surrounded by support and input from parents, coaches, teachers and counselors. And, despite being connected to technology 24/7, research suggests that Gen Z prefers in-person communication with their bosses. While you must guard against micromanaging homelanders, provide the regular feedback they crave. Touch base frequently with younger employees and give them the direction and constructive advice to be successful.
  • Encourage teaching and mentorship in both directions. Generation Z has a lot to learn, but they also have a lot to offer – particularly where technology is concerned. Implement a cross-generational training and mentoring program to: strengthen bonds with younger employees; increase knowledge transfer; and help young workers build their confidence and skills.
  • Develop clear career paths. iGen grew up in in the gig economy; they’re comfortable with job change. To keep them engaged and loyal, provide rewarding experiences that control “FOMO” (fear of missing out), boost job satisfaction and allow them to quickly move up within your organization.

Hiring Generation Z?

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