Don’t Waste Your Time: 5 Ways to Spot A Toxic Work Environment

If you’ve ever experienced stress related to a toxic work environment, then you’re undoubtedly eager to know how to spot the red flags before signing on the dotted line.

Consider the following 5 tips to identify a toxic work environment before and during a job interview:

Analyze the job description.
Is it pure fluff with no concrete details that give information about the job duties and responsibilities? If the job posting uses buzzwords like “team player” but doesn’t say what you will actually be doing, move on to the next listing.

Read reviews.
Visit sites like Glassdoor and Indeed and read reviews of the company by current and past employees. Look for recurring problems and negative comments. Pay attention to how employees speak about the culture and how they were treated by management. Reviews often reference what it’s like to work at the company and can give you valuable insight into your potential workplace.

Pay attention to the interview style.
Is the conversation scripted? Or does your interviewer listen to your responses and dig deeper to gain a better understanding of your personality and work style? A rigid interview script can indicate that the company isn’t interested in getting to know candidates, a sign that culture isn’t important.

Ask about the company values.
A positive company culture doesn’t happen by accident. It takes thought, effort, and maintenance. Culture is built on a foundation of strong company values. If your interviewer isn’t able to communicate the company values, then it’s a clear sign that the company doesn’t prioritize creating a healthy and rewarding work environment for employees.

Request a tour.
Observing the workplace or talking to employees can offer clues as to whether you’ll be joining a toxic workplace. Do employees seem passionate about their work? Does their body language and tone of voice communicate excitement—or uncertainty? Do they seem welcoming and happy? Observing workers and asking them why they like working at the company can give you valuable insight into why you may—or may not—want to join the team.

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