Finding a Great Summer Job

It’s hard to believe that summer is here!

And for many employers, summertime is their busiest season – which means they’ll need to fill seasonal and temporary positions.

What’s the best way to find out who’s hiring for summer jobs and connect with a great opportunity?

We’ll give you a hint…PrideStaff can help!

If you’re looking to earn money over summer break, gain job experience and still keep your schedule flexible, a temporary assignment with PrideStaff may be the answer. Here are a few of the advantages we offer:

Find a job quickly.  Over the summer, you need to make the most of your time – and that means getting to work quickly. But finding a good job on your own can easier said than done…that’s where we can help.

When you register with PrideStaff, you will have immediate access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Our staffing consultants will match you with temporary jobs that are right for your interests, skill level and experience.

Get the inside track.

If the thought of trolling job boards doesn’t excite you, register with PrideStaff. We do the legwork for you and connect you with job openings that aren’t advertised elsewhere.

Keep your schedule flexible.

Unlike a traditional 40-hour job, temping affords you greater control over your schedule. Work part-time or full-time. Choose long-term or short-term assignments. Take a break to enjoy a vacation or “staycation.” Work when you want and just as much as you want.

Gain experience and broaden your network.

Temporary work offers great variety, allowing you to quickly build your résumé. With each new assignment, you’ll develop new job skills and become qualified for an even greater range of assignments – all while establishing important career contacts.

Skip the “love them and leave them.”

When you work through a temporary employment agency like PrideStaff, you can choose assignments with a definitive end-date. This way, when your schedule changes at the end of the summer, you won’t experience any guilt over having to quit a job and leave an employer “high and dry.” That’s good for your resume and great for your peace of mind.

Our services are free to you.

Every summer, employers are challenged with covering vacations, staffing up for their busy season, and completing special projects. They trust PrideStaff to help them overcome these challenges. As a result, we offer great-paying summer job opportunities that fit your schedule and enhance your marketability.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your local PrideStaff recruiter today!