Free Webinar: Why Most New Hires Fail

Most hiring managers are getting it wrong. They interview for skills only and forget that attitude is the main reason why new hires fail. Of course skills are important, but a particular skill set is about the easiest thing to test in an interview.

Interviews must assess candidates’ attitude, their coachability, emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament.

Based on the bestselling book Hiring for Attitude featured in Forbes, Fast Company & CNBC, this webinar will show you the cutting-edge hiring practices that reveal if candidates have the right attitude to fit your culture. You’ll get the one question to assess “coachability.” And you’ll get tools like the textual research that reveals if someone is a high or low performer just by the pronouns and verbs they use in their answers.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • The 5-part interview question that reveals if people are “coachable” (and that famously asks candidates to spell the last name of their previous boss)
  • 6 words that ruin behavioral interview questions when you’re trying to hire for attitude
  • 2 quick tests to discover the attitudinal characteristics that your organization MUST include in interviews
  • Why you should never ask “tell me about yourself” or “what are your strengths/weaknesses”
  • 4-part interview question that reveals if people are coachable and what their last boss really thought about them
  • Why most hiring managers ask way too many questions, forcing candidates to give very fast and superficial answers (and learn how many questions you SHOULD ask)
  • 1 sentence to say when you think the candidate is lying to you
  • How to assess attitude when you’re conducting team interviews
  • Get a structured form for assessing and evaluating all of your candidates
  • 1 question that reveals if somebody goes “above and beyond”
  • New textual science that shows you how candidates’ pronouns, verb tenses, and adverbs reveal if they’re a high or low performer

Presented by:
Mark Murphy
Founder, CEO and Author
Leadership IQ

When: Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 – 10:00am PST, 1:00pm EST
Cost: FREE!