Good Vibes! 10 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

You just wrapped up a job interview. You’re a little bit sweaty, your heart is hammering, and you can already imagine yourself in the role. You exit the interview space and reach out to a friend for a high five.

But when they ask, “How did it go?” doubt crowds in, and you start over-analyzing every detail of the interview.

Relax—and keep putting that positive energy into the universe! If you’re imagining yourself in the role, there’s likely a reason you’re feeling optimistic. Here are ten signs you crushed your interview:

  1. Your interview ran longer than expected. Sometimes interviewers will give you an estimate of how they expect the process to take. If you blow past that time because they’re asking you follow-up questions or seem interested in learning more about you, there’s a good chance they’re considering you for the job.
  2. The conversation felt natural. Often, interviewers will have a structured process to ensure they get the information they need from each candidate to make an informed choice. If your conversation felt like an easy back-and-forth instead of a stilted interrogation, take it as an encouraging sign!
  3. They asked follow-up questions. If you provided great answers to their questions, and they want to know more—yay! Asking follow-up questions on related topics shows the interviewer wants to dig deeper into your fit for the role.
  4. You were introduced to the team. If your interviewer asks you to speak with other members of the team or senior decision-makers, there’s a good chance they’re excited about you.
  5. They gave the job the hard sell. Hiring managers and employers know it’s a candidates’ market right now. Still, if they spent a chunk of the interview explaining why you’d want to work for the company, put a check in the “positive” column.
  6. You were given a timeline for the next steps. When the interviewer tells you when you can expect to hear from them, it can indicate they’d like to keep your interest.
  7. They respond to your follow-up email. Did you receive a quick response to your thank-you email? If so, they likely want to keep you engaged.
  8. You notice positive body language. Smiling, leaning forward, making eye contact, and nodding can indicate you’ve made a good impression.
  9. You were asked about your availability. “When can you start?” doesn’t mean an offer is a sure thing, but it does indicate they want to make sure your schedule aligns with their needs—and asking about your availability could mean they want to know when they can schedule a second interview.
  10. Your recruiter calls with great feedback. If you’re working with a staffing agency, your recruiter might have early intel about your chances of getting the job offer. Prompt (and positive) feedback indicates strong interest and will hopefully bring good news soon!

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