Highest Paying Jobs in Manufacturing

Top Paying Jobs in Manufacturing in 2021 

Manufacturing is one of the sectors that did not slow down much over the course of the pandemic. Many goods produced were deemed essential, meaning it was business as usual (with safeguards in place). This demand drove up wages in some areas. With manufacturing job salaries on the rise, it’s a great time to find a new job. 

The manufacturing industry is optimistic for the coming year, although they are still facing challenges, according to the National Association of Manufacturers: 

  • In the first quarter of 2021, nearly 88% of manufacturers said they were either somewhat or very positive about the outlook for their company. 
  • The manufacturing industry has more than half a million jobs open right now and will need to fill 4 million over the next decade. 
  • Employee wages (excluding non-wage compensation, such as benefits) for manufacturing jobs are expected to rise 2.5% over the next 12 months, up from 1.9% in the previous survey and the strongest figure since the third quarter of 2018. More than 41% see wages rising 3% or more for manufacturing positions, with 48.8% predicting an increase of up to 3%. 

In the coming years, some high-paying manufacturing jobs are expected to be: 


Manufacturing Manager 

Average Annual Salary: $122,600 

Job Description: Assists with planning and directing an efficient layout of equipment and flow of materials. Plans, schedules, and manages one or more manufacturing production processes. Ensures that project/department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets. Typically requires five years’ experience in the related area as an individual contributor. 1 to 3 years of supervisory experience may be required. Requires a bachelor’s degree. 

Cost Estimator 

Average Annual Salary: $82,140 

Job Description: Estimates material and labor costs for manufacturing projects in response to requests for proposals. Calculates costs based on analysis of project specifications, pricing schedules for labor and materials, and historical data. Analyzes postproduction costs and uses data to inform future project estimates. Typically requires a bachelor’s degree and 2 -4 years of related experience.  

Entry Level Manufacturing Engineer 

Average Annual Salary: $74,600 

Job Description: Responsible for analyzing layout of equipment, workflow, assembly methods, and workforce utilization. Assists in planning and designing manufacturing processes for a production facility. Position requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering and 0-2 years of related experience. 

High Paying Manufacturing Jobs Not Requiring a College Degree Include: 

Assembly Team Leader 

Average Annual Salary: $57,100 

Job Description: Prepares work schedules, assigns work and oversees the work product. Supervises and coordinates employees who assemble fabricated parts, components, or units at floor stations. May require an apprenticeship and/or formal training in area of specialty. Generally, has a minimum of 2 years experience as an individual contributor. 

Production Line Operations Supervisor  

Average Annual Salary: $54,200 

Job Description: Responsible for monitoring processes and identifying and correcting any error as it occurs throughout the processing procedure. Supervises employees who operate assigned stations along a processing line. Suggests improvements to process, is a knowledge resource for other team members. Generally, has a minimum of 2 years experience as an individual contributor 

Production Control Clerk 

Average Annual Salary: $45,860 

Job Description: Performs various production control activities, including use of materials, monitoring customer orders, posting production schedules, and calculating production rates. Reviews and distributes production, shipment, and work schedules. Being a Production Control Clerk generates work orders and compiles production data. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. 

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Machine Operator  

Average Annual Salary: $45,517 

Job Description: Responsible for operating one or more types of computer numeric controlled production equipment. Selects appropriate settings and adjusts as necessary. May require 0-1 year of general work experience. 

Entry Level Safety Technician 

Average Annual Salary: $44,800 

Job Description: Responsibilities include documenting safety inspections, citing dangerous areas/procedures, recommending corrective procedures, and maintaining safety equipment supply and availability. Inspects work areas and equipment to ensure compliance with company, state, and federal safety policies and regulations. May require 0-2 years of related experience. 

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