Adapting Your Hiring Strategy to Today’s Environment

Hiring in today’s employment market is a little bit like one of those bad dreams – you know, the one where you show up in class to take a test, only to find out it’s on material you’ve never seen before.

Best practices for recruiting and hiring have changed dramatically in recent months; no one was prepared for this kind of test. So, if you’re feeling a little unsure about how to move forward, here are three smart changes you can make to hire more successfully in today’s environment.

3 Ways to Adapt Your Hiring Strategy

1. Consider adjusting your pay rates.

Many people are concerned about their health and safety – and unwilling to go to work. If you’re struggling to recruit qualified candidates, bumping your pay rates may help. Will it cost you more money? Yes. But when you consider the problems position vacancies create (e.g., increased stress on current employees who have to pick up the slack, delays, missed deadlines, and upset customers), paying employees a bit more is a smart move for your business.

If you’re on the fence about raising pay rates, or if you need proof to justify the case internally (i.e., to senior management), read our free whitepaper, “The High Cost of a Low Pay Rate.”

2. Lure “unicorns” to your company.

Right now, dynamic, talented people who haven’t been in the job market for years are looking for their next opportunity. Capitalize on this temporary influx of A-level talent by:

  • Revamping job descriptions to appeal to the mindset of the high performer. An exceptional candidate assesses opportunities in a more sophisticated way. Ensure each posting explains the strategic importance of the role and opportunities for growth and advancement.
  • Promoting your employer brand and culture. Unicorns know their value and want to work in an environment that supports their success. Go beyond the skills and experience required, and explain what sets your company apart – and how you create a great employee experience.

3. Outsource portions (or all) of your hiring process.

The dramatic and prolonged spike in unemployment has certainly created an influx of candidates in the market – including hordes of people who aren’t qualified to work for you. In conditions like these, carefully sorting through dozens – or hundreds – of resumes, screening applicants, scheduling and conducting interviews, and checking references can overwhelm your hiring team.

To maximize recruiting efficiency and minimize the risk of hiring the wrong candidate, consider partnering with a qualified staffing and recruiting firm like PrideStaff. Our experts leverage best-in-class technology and proven processes to make hiring more cost-effective and successful. You don’t pay a fee for our services unless you hire a candidate we refer to, and we guarantee results.

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