How Documenting Your Accomplishments Sets You Up for Success

Planning to ask for a raise?

Want a promotion?

Looking for a better-paying job?

It’s easier to remember all the reasons you deserve success when you keep track of your accomplishments as you achieve them. Instead of racking your brain to remember what happened and when, train yourself to record your wins when they happen. How can this set you up for a career slam dunk?

Interview questions will be easier to answer.
Avoid the awkward pause when an interviewer asks how you will contribute to their team’s success. Arming yourself with a list of things you accomplished in a former role means you’ll never struggle for words when it’s the appropriate time to toot your own horn.

You never know who you’ll meet at a networking event.
Reviewing a list of your wins before a networking event can help you make the most of your opportunities if you encounter someone who can boost your career! Don’t be a bore or a braggart, but don’t waste a chance to slide a low-key mention of a work success into a conversation with someone who might be able to advance your career.

Updating your resume will be a breeze.
Popular author Nora Roberts once said, “I can fix a bad page. I can’t fix a blank page.” This is true with all kinds of writing, including resume writing. Keeping a list of on-the-job accomplishments can help you create compelling action statements when it’s time to update your resume for a job hunt.

You’ll have information to add during your performance review.
Impress your boss with a ready reply when they ask, “Do you have anything to add?” No matter how involved, your supervisor probably isn’t aware of every great thing you do at work—and keeping a handy list will show them you’re engaged and looking for ways to contribute.

Quantifiable data is more convincing.
Unless you have an incredible memory, it won’t be easy to remember exact percentages, statistics, and quantities without writing them down. Document quantifiable results using a spreadsheet, journal, app, or portfolio (or whatever is easiest for you), and you’ll be able to back up your claims with verifiable data when you’re asking for a raise, a promotion, or support for a new project.

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