How to Start Enjoying a Job You Hate


Oh, how you’d love to utter these words to your boss right now. But you have bills to pay – and you don’t have another job lined up yet.

For now, you’re stuck.

You can seethe, pity yourself and stomp around your workplace, or you can look for constructive ways to start enjoying a job you hate. If you choose to take the high road (and we really, really recommend you do) here are a few positive actions to get you through a tough time at work:

Fight that negative mindset.

Yes, you’re frustrated. Sure, you’re somewhat unhappy. But that doesn’t mean you need to exude negativity from every pore. In fact, negative thoughts can undermine your self-worth and job performance – quickly turning a bad situation into something even worse.

Great employers want to hire and promote great people – ones who are happy, positive and confident. If your job is making you feel defeated, read this post on combatting work-related depression: “Being Blue Will Keep You from Seeing Green.”

Talk to your employer.

Your boss will probably not respond favorably to a laundry list of complaints, but they may be receptive to your request for more responsibility. Put together a list of work responsibilities you are interested in (and qualified for), and schedule a sit-down with your supervisor to talk about moving your career forward. They may appreciate your honesty and reward you with more challenging work, or they may allow you to trade some duties with a colleague (giving you both a break from the monotony). The keys to success with a conversation like this are being positive and action-oriented.

Consider other creative solutions.

Sometimes, increasing your job satisfaction is pretty simple – all it takes is a little brainstorming. Are rude or noisy co-workers the culprit? Ask about moving your desk or work station. Are the hours killing you? Find out if you could shift your schedule a bit. Is the commute extremely long? Inquire about occasional telework, or try listening to a podcast to enjoy your commute more. Does your work environment feel dull or sterile? Add a houseplant or family photo to make your space feel homier.

Start looking for another job.

Immediately. If you’re truly working in a dead-end job, resolve to find a better one. Nothing will brighten your mood more than a better prospect on the horizon! To complement your own search, consider registering with a qualified employment agency like PrideStaff. We can confidentially search for suitable opportunities while you continue working at your current job.

Stuck in a job you hate?

Let’s do something about that! PrideStaff’s upbeat, inspiring team of employment experts can help you find a job you love. Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.