Human Resources Trends in 2020

As an HR professional, what are the biggest HR trends you should pay attention to in 2020?

Where do we start?! Technology is evolving. Our workforce is becoming more diverse. And thanks to a healthy economy, candidates and employees have become more demanding than ever.

Quite honestly, our world of work is changing so rapidly that it’s impossible to cover every priority for HR professionals in a single blog post. So today, PrideStaff is touching on four significant trends shaping the industry in 2020. In future posts, we will explore each of these trends in more detail, providing actionable tips your team can use to capitalize on these trends – and make it an amazing year:

HR Personalization

Similar to how Facebook and Amazon are delivering hyper-personalized user experiences, personalization will transform how organizations engage with their employees. As HR leaders are charged with managing an increasingly diverse workforce, personalizing HR services in areas such as engagement, learning, compensation/benefits and career advancement will help them hire and retain better talent.

Focus on Building Employee Trust

Managing conflict, communicating, ensuring compliance are vital components of an HR professional’s job – and trust is a vital component to success in each of these areas. In a time when loyalty, engagement and tenure are all suffering, HR leaders who actively build trust with both employees and managers will be much more effective than those who leave trust to chance.

Investing in Personal Skill Development

The convergence of skills gaps, low unemployment and changing technology have created massive talent shortages across industries. To bridge the gap, smart HR professionals are prioritizing skill development and other training programs. In addition to upskilling employees, these initiatives can also boost retention by demonstrating an organization’s commitment to employees’ long-term career growth.

As an HR specialist, it’s equally important for you to stay on top of your game by improving your own skills. In this earlier post, we examine key HR certifications and explain why the right credentials are essential to your career success.

Improving the Employee Experience

In today’s economy, job seekers and employees are in the driver’s seat. To keep them engaged and happy, smart HR professionals are using technology to improve and personalize experiences across the employee lifecycle – from talent attraction and recruitment to development and even separation.

Creating a great employee experience is important for both direct and contingent workers. That’s why, in 2018, PrideStaff began investing heavily in a revolutionary Associate Care program. Nurturing a more engaged talent network – individuals who feel appreciated, love their work and are redeployed quickly – yields faster placements, lower turnover and higher staffing ROI for our clients.

Support your HR success in 2020 and beyond with smart staffing strategies.

HR trends may come and go, but PrideStaff is always here to help you use staffing intelligently. Our workforce and hiring experts can develop smart solutions that reduce costs, increase productivity, control employment risks and ensure flexible access to the people your organization needs. To learn more, contact your local PrideStaff office today.