Improve Your Online Reputation, Recruit Better Candidates!

If you close your eyes, you can almost hear it: job seekers near and far, tap-tap-tapping away on their devices, checking out your company’s online rep.

The modern job search includes much more than Googling job titles. Today’s tech-savvy job seekers are performing their “due diligence” to vet your organization online – using sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms to see what others say about you. And what a potential employee learns about your company online dramatically influences their perception of how great (or lousy) a place it is to work.

So, how positively – or negatively – is your company coming across?

That’s largely up to you. Here’s how to build and protect your organization’s reputation online, so the best candidates want to work for you:

Know what’s out there. Start by conducting a thorough search for your organization online:

  • Use a variety of search engines and keywords to find results.
  • Read your reviews on sites like Glassdoor, Yelp and Google+.
  • Check out the comments people leave on your Facebook page.
  • Search Twitter and Instagram using hashtags relevant to your organization.

Take stock. Evaluate the whole of what you find, looking for patterns/themes to both positive and negative information posted about your organization. Then:

  • Identify potential problems you may have with your service, culture, processes or brand.
  • Find potential sources of recruiting advantage you didn’t know about. For example, employees and candidates who share their amazing experiences with your company can be referral-generating machines!
  • Prioritize an action plan to become an employer of choice:
    • Clean-up incorrect information;
    • Address internal problems which may be contributing to reputation problems;
    • Counteract negative reviews by actively soliciting positive ones;
    • Leverage the positive information you find to build your brand.

Note: While it’s impossible to please every individual every time, implementing one or two small changes could make a big positive impact on future reviews, posts and comments – as well as job seekers’ perception of your employment brand.


Turn your employees into “brand ambassadors.” In this earlier post, we explain how your employees can play a proactive role in:

  • Increasing company transparency;
  • Shaping the perceptions of job seekers;
  • “Pulling back the curtain,” to show potential candidates what it’s really like to work for your organization.

Ultimately, your employees can help you build an authentic brand and positive online reputation that makes it easier to recruit great candidates.

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