Infographic Resumes

Words are out; pictures are in.


Software has made it simpler than ever to create compelling visual diagrams that illustrate everything from the types of food you should eat to the latest Super Bowl predictions. 

Job seekers have jumped on the visual bandwagon, creating a unique and engaging way to present their experience, qualifications and skills:  the infographic resume.  What is it?  Do you need one?  PrideStaff explains the basics:


What is an Infographic Resume?

As its name suggests, an infographic resume is a nontraditional resume that uses graphics, graphs, pictures and icons to present a candidate’s vital information in a more visually interesting way.  Here are a few examples, courtesy of Pinterest.


Do You Need One?

While the visual resume trend has gained tremendous momentum in recent months, it’s not a job-search essential yet. 


As a job hunter, you obviously want to be seen as an individual and find a unique way to tell your story.  An infographic resume can help you do just that.


But at this point it should not replace your traditional resume.  Why?  The graphics can be difficult for recruiters – and their resume screening software – to digest.  Depending on the number of resumes received, a recruiter may or may not take the time to review a resume that doesn’t conform to standards.  Your infographic version may make it to the top of a recruiter’s stack, or be sent right to the Reject folder in a resume screening program.


So use your visual version with discretion.  If you want to get noticed by a smaller company that doesn’t use resume parsing software, an infographic resume may be ideal.  If you’re forced to submit your application through a massive job board and know that you’ll be one of hundreds (or more) in contention, send a traditional version of your resume (that a computer can scan and interpret) and include a link to the infographic or send it as an alternate version.


On the job hunt?  

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