Is Your Management Style Pushing People Out the Door?


Great employees quit good jobs for all kinds of reasons.

Some turnover factors are easy to identify – and largely unavoidable (e.g., an employee moves out of town, or lands a much higher paying job with a competitor). But your management style? That couldn’t be driving your employees away.

Could it?

If too many talented people are resigning, it’s time for a quick gut check. Make sure you’re not the type of manager who pushes people out the door:

3 Management Styles that Drive Turnover

The Task Master

Most jobs have busy seasons or occasional high-stress periods, but managers who regularly overwork their people ultimately drive them out the door. Unfortunately, high performers are at the greatest risk for job burnout, because of their exceptional capability and commitment.

While it’s reasonable to occasionally ask employees to work overtime, consider whether you’re consistently piling too much work on their plates. If your team is showing signs of burnout, PrideStaff can design an intelligent, cost-effective solution to help you get your work done – while keeping your best employees happy.

The Micromanager

As a manager, your performance is directly affected by the results your team produces. But while a certain amount of control and oversight is necessary (especially for new employees or chronic underperformers), make sure you’re not stifling your team by micromanaging.

Great bosses hire smart, trust their employees and empower them – creating an environment in which employees have ample training, freedom and resources to perform their jobs well.

The Spotlight Stealer

Self-serving managers will do anything they can to make themselves look great – including taking credit for ideas or results they had nothing to do with. Understandably, the talented people who are forced to work for a spotlight stealer eventually become guarded, resentful and alienated (any of which could spur them to quit).

A better management approach? Recognize the accomplishments of others, formally acknowledging both group and individual achievements. By shining the spotlight on deserving employees, you build a culture of mutual respect that inspires high performance and increases loyalty.

Turnover Problems?

PrideStaff can help you keep your best and brightest. Our workforce management and recruiting experts can help you create a plan to minimize burnout. Staff high-turnover positions differently. And hire exceptional individuals who will thrive long-term in your organization. Contact your local PrideStaff office today to learn more about our On Target fulfillment process and Workforce Growth Solutions.