Is Your Resume Recruiter Ready?

You’ve scanned for typos – twice.  You’ve limited it to one page, and your significant other has given it a big “thumbs up.”

But is your resume really recruiter ready?  Put it to the test, by making sure you can answer “Yes” to the following questions:

Does your lead-off grab attention?
You only have a few seconds to engage your reader, so the first several lines are crucial.  Use the premium space at the top of your resume to list accomplishments and facts that are tailored to the job posting.  If your resume contains a “Career Objective,” make sure it’s concise, focused and relevant to the position.

Does your resume highlight your core competencies?
Core competencies are the unique strengths and abilities that you can transfer to a new job – they’re your “bread and butter” job skills.  Make it onto a recruiter’s shortlist by thoroughly researching the available position, and then featuring your core competencies as they align with the needs of the job.

Have you included major successes?

Logically, a recruiter wants to hire a winner – someone whose contributions have made a real, positive business impact.  Make a quick list of the success stories you’d want to review if you were in an interview for the job.  Flesh out a short paragraph for each anecdote, focusing on solutions and measurable results.  Then, cut each paragraph back down to a single sentence that describes the context, your role and the results.  Keep this list handy as you customize your resume for each job.  Include those success stories that create a compelling picture of your abilities.

Does it show the “WIIFM?”

No matter what format you use, your resume should clearly demonstrate how your value translates into a potential employer’s specific needs.  Review your resume with a critical eye to make sure it moves beyond mere job responsibilities and shows a recruiter what’s in it for him.

Have you keyed in on keywords?

Keywords put your skills into focus for a recruiter and help him determine, at a glance, whether or not your abilities align with those needed for the available position.  It’s likely that the first time a recruiter reviews your resume, he’ll search for specific words or phrases relevant to the job – so make sure he finds them!  Review the job posting, research industry trends and scan similar job listings to generate a list of a dozen or so strong, descriptive and applicable keywords.  Use them throughout your resume, wherever they make sense.

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