It’s Not Just Luck – Here’s How to Position Yourself for a Promotion


Wishing on a four-leaf clover won’t help you level up in your job. And frankly, no lucky charm can guarantee your career growth.

What does it take to land the promotion you deserve?

PrideStaff has the practical advice you need. In these two earlier posts, we review the most common reasons people are passed on for promotions, as well as the best ways to convince your boss you’re ready for advancement.

In addition to the tips we share in those articles, here are a few more ways you can position yourself for a promotion with your employer:

Get one step ahead.

No matter what industry you work in, things change quickly. New technology and trends are continually influencing nearly every aspect of how we perform our jobs. Instead of merely reacting to news and information your boss tells you is important, go out and search for it yourself. Bringing in new sources of inspiration, spotting future trends and making a name for yourself as a thought leader will change the way your employer perceives you – in the best way possible.

Provide amazing internal customer service.

Position yourself as an indispensable resource and ally – someone who’s unselfish and committed to the good of both your employer and your fellow employees:

  • Find ways to make coworkers and managers more successful in their job.
  • When someone on your team asks for something, provide complete information, real solutions and try to anticipate what else they may need – before they even have to ask.
  • Treat everyone you work with, regardless of their seniority, job function or tenure, the way you’d like to be treated.

Make your intentions known.

Your boss is certainly not a mind reader, and they’re busy attending to their own priorities. Don’t assume they realize you want a promotion! If you want to take a step up, and you’ve put in the hard work to merit one, be confident and clear. Professionally and respectfully ask for a promotion by:

  • Scheduling time to talk. Never ambush your boss.
  • Proposing something specific. Instead of simply saying you “want more responsibility,” detail the types of projects or tasks you’re qualified to take on.
  • Explaining what you’ve done to deserve a promotion (and not merely why you’d like one).
  • Remaining flexible. If you can’t get exactly what you want today, work with your boss to create a plan for your growth and advancement.

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