Job Success Series: Top Non-Job-Specific Skills that Employers Want (Skill 4 of 5)

Looking for a job as a lighthouse keeper? An over-the-road truck driver?

Then you can skip right over this post – because it’s all about teamwork.

In most jobs, the ability to work well as part of a team is a valuable skill. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Teamwork improves efficiency. Work groups develop systems that allow them to perform tasks quicker and more effectively.
  • Teamwork enhances learning. Members of a team have ample opportunity to share their knowledge and cross-train one another. When people work together, learning happens faster.
  • Teamwork generates great ideas. Teams are fertile ground for brainstorming. When faced with a tough problem, a group typically generates better solutions, faster than an individual.
  • Teamwork enhances support. Work group members can rely on one another for support to improve performance, reduce stress and create better results.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that employers want to hire people who work well with others. So if you want to land your dream job, put your best foot forward – and show that you’re a team player!

Today, PrideStaff continues our series of posts for job seekers on the transferable job skills today’s employers want most. If you missed the first three installments in our series, follow these links to learn:

  • How to showcase your self-confidence/assertiveness.
  • How to highlight your time management skills.
  • Ways to showcase your critical thinking / problem-solving skills.

Skill 4: Team Work

Today’s hiring managers are looking for candidates who can:

  • Give and/or take direction. Great team members understand the role they play in the group. Depending upon the needs of that role (and the needs of the group as a whole), team members should be able to execute assigned tasks themselves or to effectively delegate to other members.
  • Live up to commitments. For the unit to operate effectively, individual team members must follow through on their commitments. True team players consistently under-promise and over-deliver, building trust and respect in the group.
  • Communicate successfully. Solid team communication skills include the ability to listen, ask good questions and persuade others.
  • Pick up the slack. When things are running smoothly, each member of a team has a well-defined role to play and a certain amount of work to do. But when things get busy or problems arise, the best team members step up to the plate and lend a hand wherever they’re needed.

How can you highlight your teamwork skills during your next job interview?

Be prepared to share examples of your teamwork in action. Most interviewers will ask behavioral questions related to teamwork, so develop a handful of problem-solution-result scenarios that evidence the skills listed above.

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