Jumping Back into the Workforce? 5 Reasons a Flexible Position is the Perfect Leap

Is one of your goals to get a new job?

Congratulations! It’s an exciting prospect – and it’s a fantastic time to re-enter the workforce. But if you’ve been out of work for a while, looking for a new job can be intimidating. Even though opportunities are plentiful, it takes substantial time and effort to search for jobs, evaluate opportunities, apply to multiple jobs, go through the screening and interview process over and over…

You get the picture.

Looking for a better way to jump back into the workforce?

Temporary assignments are a great option. Regardless of the reason, you’ve been out of work, or the amount of time you’ve been unemployed, temporary jobs are the ideal segue. Here are five reasons a flexible position through PrideStaff is the perfect way to transition back into the workforce:

1. Get to work faster.

Searching for a job can be hard, and employers’ hiring processes can take weeks (or longer!). You have instant access to multiple opportunities when you apply with a qualified employment agency like PrideStaff. We reduce the “friction” in the job search process, providing a quicker path back to work.

2. Find jobs that are right for you.

Sifting through online job postings is impersonal and inefficient, and it can be tough to tell from a job description if the role and employer’s culture are a good match. Your PrideStaff recruiter will get to know you as a complete person – not just a collection of job skills. They will learn about your background, interests, priorities, and goals, and then present only those opportunities that fit.

3. Stay flexible.

Not sure you’re ready to commit to a direct, full-time role? Want to ease back into a 40-hour/week schedule? Just want to earn some money while you search on your own for a direct job? Temporary work allows you to control when and how much you work. You can take breaks between assignments, choose only short-term assignments and keep as much flexibility in your schedule as you’d like.

4. Get in with your dream employer.

Always wanted to work for a specific company, but not sure how to get your foot in the door? Temporary assignments are a great way to start working for your dream company. While you’re there, you can treat your assignment as a “working interview” and prove that you’d be a great direct employee. Many field associates transition to direct employees with our clients once they’ve completed their assignments.

5. Transition to a new role or industry.

The pandemic has forever changed the world of work. Entire industries have been invented, some have been decimated, and many have been transformed. As a result, you have a host of new opportunities available. If you’re ready to pursue a new career path, temporary assignments allow you to build new skills and explore your options – all while earning a paycheck. Your staffing recruiter will work with you to identify your transferable job skills and select assignments that will pave the way for you to take your career in a new direction.

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Ready to jump back into the workforce?

PrideStaff makes the process easy, fast, and even fun. Our recruiters can help:

  • inventory your transferable job skills
  • polish your resume and interview skills
  • understand today’s job market – and what it takes to succeed
  • discuss roles that might be a good fit for you
  • explore new jobs and industries through temporary work
  • provide opportunities to build your skills and experience while earning a paycheck and staying flexible

Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to get started.