Making the Most of a Transition Job

Landing a job is tough these days.  Landing your dream job is even tougher.

Although unemployment is trending downward, job seekers like you are still competing in a tight market flooded with applicants.  As a result, you may need to take a “bridge job,” or “transitional job,” to make ends meet while you continue to search for an ideal situation.

At PrideStaff, we encourage our candidates to make the most of every employment opportunity.  Sure, a bridge job can pay the bills – but it can do so much more for you.  Use these tips to make the most of transitional work and get one step closer to landing your dream job:

·         Broaden your skill set.  If you’re working in an area that’s new to you, learn everything you can.  Look for ways to gain experience or acquire transferable job skills that will build your résumé and make you even more employable.

·         Make networking contacts.  Introduce yourself to co-workers and managers both within and outside your department.  Let them know what kind of job you’re seeking and provide them with a copy of your résumé.  One important note:  if you are working on an assignment through a staffing service, direct any offers for employment to your staffing coordinator.  As your employer of record, your staffing service and the client company can work together to transition you to the client’s payroll.

·         Explore new career options.  Instead of viewing a transitional job as a “necessary evil,” think of it as an opportunity to try something new.  Keep an open mind.  Ask your manager about possible career paths within the industry for someone with your background.  You never know – you may find a way to build on your existing skillset and launch a bright new career.

·         Display a great attitude.  Treat every job, even if it’s temporary, as a working interview.  Give your best effort every day, even if you are over-qualified for the position.  Why?  You never know what kind of opportunity may open up down the road.  If you do a fantastic job for an employer, hiring managers will notice – and put you at the top of their lists when additional positions become available.

Looking for work?  PrideStaff will help ensure that you just don’t search, but succeed.  We provide a wide range of temporary, temp-to-hire and direct hire administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs.  Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.