New Graduates: Why Consider PrideStaff after Graduation?

A young female african american college graduate hugs her parents. She has on a black graduation gown and cap with a gold tassle. She is smiling and has her phone in her hand.

Recently graduated?

Your commencement ceremony was probably very different from what you’d imagined.

For many reasons, your job search will probably also be quite different from what you’re expecting:

  • Unemployment is near its highest level since the Great Depression, which means that more than 30 million more people are in the job market, competing for the same jobs as you.
  • Economic upheaval has forced many employers to freeze their hiring plans.
  • Social distancing and other safety protocols have transformed the hiring landscape – and changed the “rules of engagement” for finding a job.

In many ways, the entire world of work has changed in the last few months. So, if you’re just entering the workforce right now, what’s the best way to land a good job?

Here are a few advantages of working through PrideStaff:

  • Get to work quickly – and line up a direct job.
    Temporary work gives you access to many potential employers and even more job opportunities – all while showcasing your skills. If an employer is impressed with your job performance on assignment, it could pave the way for a full-time job offer.
  • Equip yourself for the modern job search.
    How should you prepare for a virtual job interview? What soft skills are today’s employers looking for on your resume? What new industries and job titles should you be targeting? PrideStaff recruiters are employment experts who work directly with business owners and hiring managers. We understand where the opportunities are and what it takes to get hired. Our recruiters will share their expertise with you, provide valuable advice and prepare you to land a great job in which you will thrive.
  • Build your resume.
    Each assignment you take will present fresh challenges – and new opportunities to gain job skills, sharpen the ones you already have, and make yourself more marketable.
  • Learn more about the world of work.
    Is a “9 to 5” schedule best for you, or would working a variety of shifts suit you better? Will you thrive in a large organization, or would you prefer a more diverse role with a small employer? As a PrideStaff associate, you can work for different types of employers in a wide range of industries – and discover which environments and responsibilities you like best.
  • Gain an ally in your job search.
    Once you apply, you’ll automatically be considered for other jobs as they become available. Your recruiter can augment your own job search, actively promoting you as a candidate for opportunities that are a great fit.
  • Access unadvertised job opportunities.
    Many employers trust PrideStaff to handle their employment needs exclusively – so we offer job openings you won’t find advertised elsewhere.

PrideStaff can make finding your first job after graduation quicker, simpler and less stressful. 

Best of all, our services are always completely free to you. If you’re a recent graduate looking for work, we can match you with an ideal first career opportunity or a promising temporary assignment that could lead to direct employment.