Office Safe Costume Ideas

Time for the company Halloween party again?


Then it’s time to get creative! Once again, PrideStaff has put together our list of easy, fun and, yes, office-appropriate costume ideas just for you.


Factors to Consider

When you’re weighing costume options, make sure you consider the following:

·         Comfort. If you’ll be wearing the costume all day, you definitely want to be comfortable. Consider whether the costume may be too hot, difficult to sit in, or otherwise drive you nuts while you try to get your work done?

·         Makeup or mask. Again, either may become a problem after eight hours (but at least you can take a mask off). If you plan to wear makeup, experiment with it ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t rub off too easily, itch or irritate your skin.

·         Suitability. While your Halloween party is undoubtedly meant to be fun, remember that an office party is not the place to wear a revealing, controversial or exceptionally gruesome costume – especially if you come in contact with the public as part of your job.  When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Easy Costume Ideas

The Housewife

This costume is inexpensive, comfortable and simple to make. Just wear a pair of pajamas, robe and big slippers. Carry around a new flyswatter, roll your hair in pink foam curlers and wear white makeup to simulate cold cream.


The Fortune Teller

A flowy broomstick skirt, a bright non-matching shirt, a bunch of brightly colored bangle bracelets and a scarf or two can instantly transform you into a gypsy fortune teller. If you want, you can surround a lamp light with pillow stuffing and cover it with a clear globe light fixture to make a crystal ball.



No need to buy anything for this costume – old clothes make perfect hobo attire! Just sew or glue some patches on knee and elbow areas, and then tatter the edges of sleeves and cuffs. Wear gloves that you’ve cut the fingers out of, too. Use face paint or a black eyeliner to create razor stubble. Add a stick with a bandana tied to the end, and you’re all set.


Tongue-in-Cheek Ideas

The Phantom of Unfinished Paperwork

If your company is haunted by ominous piles of paperwork, have some fun with your forms.  Print off a bunch of different blank office forms and write words like “Denied,” “Rejected” or “Overdue” in bold red marker on each.  Staple the papers to an inexpensive shirt and pants (or skirt and oversized, hooded top, for a phantom-like effect).  Cover yourself in paperwork.  Top off the costume with a ghoulish mask and you’ll terrify your co-workers for sure.


Lying Down on the Job

Show up as the ultimate office slacker!  Grab a pillow, blanket and nightcap – and then get in character.  Pick a comfortable cubicle or desk and settle in for a work-time nap.


Traditional Costume Ideas


While big foamy costumes can be hot and awkward, with a little creativity you can still show up dressed as your favorite food.  Pair up with a friend and go as peanut butter and jelly.  All you need are a pair of colored sweat suits.  Use a fabric marker to draw product labels on the shirt fronts. 

Fruits and vegetables are also relatively simple.  Again, start with a colored sweat suit and add fake leaves and vines (or colored balloons for berries, grapes, etc.).   Use fabric markers for additional details like seeds and you’ll look good enough to eat.


Cartoon Characters

Feeling funny?  Why not dress up as your favorite animated personality?  Cartoon characters, especially classics like Fred and Wilma Flintstone, are popular choices.  Most Halloween costume stores carry pre-packaged versions that are ready to wear.  Other options include Mickey Mouse, the Smurfs, Superman and other superheroes.


Enjoy your Halloween office party – and Happy Halloween from all of us at PrideStaff!