Closing in on Year-End – Have You Met Your Goals?

With year-end right around the corner, many managers are struggling to accomplish everything they planned to complete this year.  If you are like most managers, your goals may include decreasing costs, completing new projects and improving productivity – all focused on beefing up your bottom line. A solid staffing strategy can go a long way toward meeting those goals.

Decrease Costs

Human capital is one of the biggest expenses for any company. Staffing can help you reduce those costs. Control expenses by using temporary production or administrative staff to manage workload peaks and capture new opportunities – without the overhead and commitment that come with hiring full-time employees.

Complete Special Projects

Tackling new projects can create a bit hit to your bottom line, but it doesn’t have to. Temporary or contract staff can provide expertise you may need for only a short time or provide additional help for the duration of the project.


Temporary help can be more than just short-term fill-ins. Use technical contractors to roll out new software rather than increasing your permanent payroll. Take advantage of contract expertise for months or even years if you have large projects. Add to your legal or accounting team for year-end, quarter-end or other financial crunch times.

Improve Productivity

Improve productivity by assessing business highs and lows to add or release staff based on fluctuating workload. There is no need to keep an idle production team because you may need them in a few weeks or months.  Bring in seasonal customer service or sales staff to handle busy periods without committing to year round hires.

PrideStaff Can Help

No matter what you want to accomplish, you need the right people on your team to make it happen.  Work with your staffing provider to review what you want to achieve.  Together, you can analyze your changing workforce needs, identify talent gaps and create a flexible, long-term plan for ensuring you have the staff you need.


Whether you’re looking to expand your product and service offerings, reduce operating expenses or enter new markets, PrideStaff can help you achieve your goals.  As a true partner in your business, we’ll create a comprehensive plan to cost-effectively staff your business – and accomplish more.  Contact your local PrideStaff office today to learn more about our strategic staffing solutions.