Phone it in! Here’s how phone interviews can save you a TON of time.

Need a great new employee – yesterday?

Regardless of the industry, successful hiring requires speed and accuracy. Work too slowly, and great candidates may be snatched up by competitors. But if you rush the process and get hasty, you’ll wind up hiring the wrong person for the job.

The good news? Phone interviews can help you hire quickly and precisely. Properly managed and conducted, phone screens can:

Increase the efficiency of your recruiting process.

Quickly whittle down your list of potential candidates with questions that weed out wannabes. A phone interview is a great tool to screen for:

  • Deal-breakers. Include questions that ensure your candidates have the right skills, certifications, degrees, schedule flexibility or other essential requirements.
  • Job understanding. If candidates really want to work for you, they should do their homework in advance of your call. Prepare questions that evaluate how clearly candidates understand the role and its requirements, as well as your organization and industry.
  • Intelligence or EQ. Scenario or behavior-based questions can easily be asked over the phone to determine if candidates have the raw or emotional intelligence required for the position.
  • Red flags. During the call, pay attention to those little things that scream “DON’T HIRE ME!” such as serial job-hopping, finger-pointing or lack of career goals.

Reduce your time-to-hire.

An in-person interview may require you to coordinate multiple schedules and block off several hours of time – which could take days or weeks to accomplish. By contrast, a phone interview doesn’t require complex schedule coordination or candidate travel. Since phone screens are shorter and more convenient than traditional interviews, you can rule candidates “in” or “out” quicker – and with less time invested by all parties involved.

Save money.

Phone interviews effectively reduce the number of in-person interviews required. Fewer in-person interviews translates into:

  • Lower travel expenses. If your organization foots the bill for out-of-town candidates, phone interviews could save you hundreds of dollars on each individual.
  • Fewer management interview hours. That’s valuable time your team could spend on other important activities.

Need help with hiring?

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