Job Applications: How to Avoid Getting Ghosted

avoid getting ghosted

Feel like your submissions are winding up in a job application graveyard?

Wondering if that recruiter has ghosted you?

Afraid you haven’t done enough to get called in for an interview?

Waiting to hear back once you’ve completed a job application can be frustrating – and even a little scary. But once you’ve hit that Submit button, what can you do?

As it turns out, a lot!

Right now, it’s hard to know how and when to follow up. Hiring timelines may be up in the air, portions of an employer’s recruiting process may be stalled, and hiring managers may have their hands full. Instead of sitting idly by and letting your imagination run wild, however, take control of the job application process. Here are six things you can do to check-in and follow up – without annoying a potential employer:

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How to Avoid Getting Ghosted by a Recruiter

Set expectations in your cover letter.

When you upload your application, include a statement in your cover letter letting the recruiter know when and how you’ll be following up to check on your application’s status. Besides demonstrating your professionalism and enthusiasm for the role, declaring your intentions may give you that extra nudge you need when it comes time to email or call.

Read everything. Carefully.

Many employers include essential details about their hiring process in either the job posting or on their career portal. Read all of the instructions and information when you apply, so you do everything correctly, know what to expect in terms of timelines and communication, and can potentially save yourself undue worry. You may also learn an employer’s preferred process for follow-up inquiries (including email addresses and phone numbers), which can be helpful when reaching out.

Choose the right day of the week.

Mondays and Fridays are busy transition days, so it’s best to plan follow up activities for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Break the silence.

If you receive no acknowledgment or rejection after a week or two, it’s perfectly acceptable to make a single, polite inquiry. Place a brief phone call or send a quick, professional email reiterating your interest and asking about your application’s status. Keep your message short, stay positive, and don’t point out that the interviewer failed to follow up.

Ask a follow-up question.

Increase the likelihood of getting a response by posing a relevant, thoughtful question (that hasn’t already been answered for you): Are they still receiving applications? What’s the employer’s timeline for scheduling interviews?

Don’t become a pest.

Nobody (including recruiters) likes a nag, so use your best judgment to gauge the situation. A second follow-up is permissible (one week after your first) and draw the line there. And if weeks have passed and you’ve received no communication, it may be time to move on.

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