PrideStaff’s Charlotte North Employment Agency is Putting Local People to Work

Economic challenges over the last several years have pressed companies in Concord thin and caused some concern for job seekers. PrideStaff’s Charlotte North employment agency has helped both take the challenge head on.

“When companies are faced with an uncertain economy, they often look for ways to better manage costs,” said Chip Tomlinson, Owner/Strategic Partner PrideStaff Charlotte North. “We have seen this firsthand in the Concord and Greater Charlotte area.”

PrideStaff Helps Companies Better Manage Labor Expenses

One of the ways companies control costs is by taking a more strategic look at labor expenses, which often are one of the biggest line items on corporate budgets.  Through changing to a more flexible workforce model, companies can easily adapt to changing demands and add staff when needed. 

When used effectively, staffing services can save far more than they cost. Staffing solutions can reduce overhead and manage operating costs in several areas:

Fixed Expenses – By using temporary employees for special projects or during peak workload periods, you get the experience and skills you need without increasing your fixed payroll costs.

Manage New Healthcare Reform Challenges & Risk – Using staffing services can limit your benefit expenses and help you navigation the challenges businesses will face with new healthcare reform.  

Overtime Costs – By using temporary employees, you can reduce the amount of overtime you pay your direct staff.

Unemployment Claims – Because staffing companies provide temporary employees, none of the unemployment claims affect your rating.

One recent PrideStaff client reported:

            “The staff at PrideStaff is very accommodating.  I needed to staff up quickly and they set up interviews for me within a days notice. They also sent very qualified people.” 

PrideStaff Offers Job Seekers New Opportunities in Spite of High Unemployment Rates

“Instead of companies completely halting hiring, we have seen an increase in temporary jobs created over the last year,” said Tomlinson.  “For job seekers, this has opened up new employment opportunities in Concord and the Greater Charlotte area that weren’t previously available.”

“I have worked with a number of other employment agencies and I’d have to say my experience with PrideStaff has been the most pleasing,” says recent PrideStaff temporary employee Chalamar.  “While I was on my job search, they didn’t just forget about me or say ‘call every week to tell us your availability’ and then hang up never to be heard from again unless I called! Their ongoing support is impressive and authentically driven. They are DILIGENT in finding the right position for you, at the right pay. Their overall professionalism, enthusiasm for their job, and genuine interest in the contentment of their candidates will always make PrideStaff a valuable resource in the community.”

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