Proudly Recognizing Our Veterans


Discipline. Sound decision-making. Persistence. A willingness to take on new challenges.

Qualities like these make military veterans amazing employees, phenomenal business owners and an asset to any team.

PrideStaff takes pride in our veterans.

PrideStaff is extremely proud to employ many veterans as field associates. We’re also honored to have eight veterans in ownership or executive management roles across the country.

This Veterans Day, we wanted to celebrate all the brave men and women who served our country in the armed forces. So, we asked our veterans to explain what the holiday means to them, and how their military training and service helped prepare them for success in their professional life in the private sector.

Here’s what they shared:

“Being a veteran means that I volunteered to give my life to protect what we value as Americans. I have a better understanding of what makes this country great, and I can uniquely appreciate how tough others around the world have it. My training in the US Army provided me with not only leadership skills, but also a true sense of what it means to work hard. Having been in life and death situations, and having been fortunate to survive, everything else in life is easy!”

–Robert Cohen, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Portland West office


Being a veteran means I love and appreciate that we live in the greatest country on earth, and defending what this country stands for was important to me. The Army taught me discipline, leadership and hard work which has certainly carried over into my personal and professional life.”

–Bill Gross, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Columbus West office


“Being a veteran means proudly serving and protecting our great country and the freedoms that we enjoy every day. The armed forces instills leadership and discipline, which are keys to success in business. God bless all who have served and those that support our military every day! USA.”

–Jon Brink, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Hartford Metro office


“Serving gave me the opportunity to give back to a country that has provided us with freedom to live our faith and raise our family from any fear of oppression. I learned the value of personal accountability, teamwork and sharpened my belief in something greater than myself.”

–David Duffey, Vice President – Field Consultant


“Being a veteran is something I will always be proud of. I felt my time in the Army not only trained me to succeed as a soldier but also in my post-military life. Discipline, professionalism, caring for those you’re responsible for, attention to detail, and effectively communicating were just as important in the Army as they are in leadership positions in civilian life.

“PrideStaff’s respect for veterans is one of the things that first attracted me to the company. I find our values are closely aligned and that the same drive that is needed to be a successful officer in the military is going to help me grow the franchise I own now.”

–Randy Pedretti, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Lehigh Valley office


“I’m extremely proud that I volunteered to serve my country. I signed a ‘blank check,’ up to and including the value of my life, to serve in whatever way our country needed me. The Army taught me courage, self-reliance, teamwork, discipline, focus and how to use creativity to accomplish mission objectives.”

–Kevin Pratt, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Akron office


“The things I learned that have aided me the most are having a ‘can do’ attitude, the importance of teamwork, and equally important, to never quit!!!”

–Bob Daniel, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Las Vegas office


“I was in the Navy for seven years, three of which were spent assigned to the nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine, USS Tecumseh. Recently, I have become more reflective and very proud of the fact that I not only served in the Navy, but also earned my Gold Dolphins, which are awarded to officers who become qualified to perform every operation on a submarine. This accomplishment and the opportunity to have made 5 patrols in Tecumseh gives me a great sense of pride and belonging in a unique community. It means the world to me.

“With respect to preparing me for success in my professional life, suffice it to say I would not be where I am today with the foundation of my Navy experience. I learned that I have grit to get through tough situations without quitting. I learned to be decisive. I learned to lead and developed confidence in my ability to do so.

“Ultimately, I left the Navy with a strong work ethic and confidence in my ability to be decisive and lead teams through good times and times of challenge and hardship. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and immensely proud to be able to say I that I am qualified to wear the gold dolphins of a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer. Hooyah!!”

–Mike Pred, Owner/Strategic Partner for our Atlanta East office


At PrideStaff, we take pride in all we do. We also take tremendous pride in being part of our great nation. Have a wonderful Veterans Day, and if you see a veteran on Monday, November 11, thank them for their service!