School is Back in Session. Are Your Skills Up to Date?

Applying for a position in a rapidly evolving field?

Before you hit the “Submit” button, make sure your certifications are up to date.

Most of today’s careers require ongoing learning. Some jobs require just the occasional seminar to stay current, while other fields – especially skilled trades, medical, legal, finance and IT – require employees to continue their education throughout their careers.

Professional certifications offer assurance to potential employers that you are qualified to perform certain job duties and tasks. But if your certificate is out of date, it’s of little value. So if it’s been awhile since you’ve completed a certificate program, you might need additional training to stay abreast of changes in your field’s laws, regulations and technological advances.

As a responsible job seeker, you should get your ducks in a row before you head into an interview. Today, PrideStaff offers these tips to help you find out if your certificate is up to date – and get recertified if you need to:

  • Determine the lifespan of your certification. Visit the website for the organization that certified you to find out when your certification expires or becomes inactive. Life spans and expiration dates vary from field-to-field (and even within a single field!), so be sure to obtain accurate information from your issuing organization.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity. If you find that you’re up to date, congratulations! Stay ahead of the curve by finding out what’s required to stay current. Pre-register for courses, seminars or other training you’ll need to take to seamlessly maintain or upgrade your certification.
  • Get recertified. If you find that your certification has lapsed, don’t panic. Your field is continually progressing, so you should welcome the opportunity to update your knowledge and brush up on your skills. Again, you should be able to find the information you need to get recertified on the issuing organization’s website. Thankfully, advances in web technology have made it easier than ever to complete courses and take tests online. Sign up for the education you need, study hard and get the job done.

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