Staffing Services in San Jose, CA

As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the achievements of our individual offices, this week we’d like to introduce you to our local staffing experts in San Jose, CA.

Linda Donahue, C.E.S and C.P.C., brings over 40+ years of staffing and business experience to her role as Owner/Strategic-Partner of PrideStaff’s WBE-certified, San Jose office.  During her career, Linda progressed within the industry from recruiter to office manager to VP of two large, locally-owned staffing companies.  15 years ago, she joined the PrideStaff team and is now the franchise owner of PrideStaff and PrideStaff Financial in San Jose.

Linda enjoys making a valued difference in the lives of her staff, associates, clients and peers, as well as the entire community.  She welcomes the continual changes and challenges of the staffing industry, and as a result she’s always learning, training and educating others.  She attributes her long-lasting success to faith, endurance, honesty and doing it right the first time.

San Jose’s location within the booming local technology industry earned the city its nickname, Capital of Silicon Valley. San Jose now maintains global city status and is the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area in terms of population, land area, and industrial development.  Not surprisingly, professional and business services are the leading employment sector in the San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA, areas.  Manufacturing runs a close second, followed by trade/transportation/utilities, education and health services, and government.  The area’s accounting and finance market also continues to grow and is supported through PrideStaff Financial’s San Jose office which specializes in recruiting the area’s top financial talent. 

PrideStaff’s San Jose office is backed by a national network – but they take a strictly local approach to staffing.  The result?  You get the best of both worlds:  the support of a national staffing service, plus local experts who understand staffing in San Jose and know where to find the area’s best talent.

We applaud the San Jose office’s contributions in their local community and the way they build lasting relationships based on mutual respect.

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