Sweet or Spooky? 8 Fun Office Halloween Costumes You Can Make at Home


Love Halloween – but hate those store-bought costumes?

Want to win the office Halloween costume contest – but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Or are you just looking for a new creative outlet?

A homemade Halloween costume is the way to go! Whether you opt for something sweet, spooky, funny or simply unexpected, here are eight DIY office Halloween costume ideas to try:

Jelly Belly.

Inflate colorful, small balloons and arrange them in a clear garbage bag. Slap on a product logo, carefully drape the bag around your neck (being careful not to create a choking hazard, of course) and you’re ready to party.


If you’re feeling a little craftier, and have a little more time to spend, a mummy costume is a great choice. While you can use toilet paper as the wrapping, don’t expect the costume to stay together for the whole work day. White sheets cut into strips are much sturdier – just pin, sew or hot-glue them to a white shirt and pants. Search online for mummy images with the look you want, and then use your creativity to get the right level of tattering, aging and creepiness.


Not much of a talker? This is the ultimate DIY costume for you. Grab a black bowler hat, black-and-white-striped shirt, white gloves and some face paint. You’ll be comfortable during your work party, especially since you’ll have a perfect excuse for avoiding awkward conversations.


The great part about this costume is that you probably don’t even need to buy a thing. Just decide what kind of athlete you want to be (based on the sports gear you have) and suit up. Don’t forget the props and details; sweat bands, rackets, balls and caps provide the finishing touches you need.

Error 404.

No ideas, no costume, no time? Take a white t-shirt and write “Error 404: Costume Not Found” across the front using fabric markers.


Buy a clear umbrella, and then use thin strips of bubble wrap, strings, ribbon, iridescent fabric and mini string lights (or anything else your imagination comes up with) to create the stinging tentacles. Complement the look with a white or pastel outfit and you’re all set.


Sheet. Scissors. Done. Whether you decide to go with the traditional 3-hole variety or one inspired by Charlie Brown, it’s hard to beat the speed and simplicity of this Halloween costume classic!

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