The Deciding Factors when Pay is Equal

Imagine this scenario:

A promising candidate just sailed through your interview process. They have met all of your qualifications in terms of skills, experience and culture fit – and you just extended a job offer to them. What you don’t know is that they also received an offer from your competitor, at the same salary.

Which offer will they choose?

In a recent post, PrideStaff reviewed the importance of offering competitive pay to land the best people. When pay is equal, however, how can you get an exceptional candidate to accept your offer? Here are a few deciding factors you can use to tip the scales in your favor:

  • Job flexibility. High performers work hard, often putting in extra hours. As a result, they frequently struggle with work/life satisfaction issues. Employers that provide flexible work options are especially attractive to top candidates. Consider the viability of offering things like telecommuting, compressed workweeks, flexible start/stop times or job sharing to make your organization (and job offers) more appealing.
  • Intangibles and extras. Think like a candidate: beyond earning a competitive wage, what else would entice you to take this job? Consider non-pay factors which are just as important as money, such as exceptional benefits; challenging work with opportunities for learning and advancement; convenient location; a performance/salary review after six months; tuition reimbursement; and mentoring opportunities.
  • A great experience. Top job seekers are savvy. Throughout the recruiting process, they analyze countless written, verbal and nonverbal cues, gauging your company culture as well as how they’re treated. Make sure everyone involved in hiring is sending the right message – and creating a great experience for candidates. Throughout the process, keep your enthusiasm level high. Communicate frequently and respond quickly. Treat every interaction as one that could make or break a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer with you.
  • Trust your recruiting to experts. A national recruiting firm like PrideStaff specializes in attracting the best candidates, especially in industries or locations where they’re the hardest to find. We can help you beat out competitors when pay is equal, by actively selling the upsides of your opportunity. Ready to hire? Learn more about PrideStaff’s On Target fulfillment process today.