The Heat is On – Especially When Competing for Talent

Summer is here.

But if your company needs great people, you’re probably feeling a different kind of heat. Extremely low unemployment and widening skill gaps are making the search for qualified candidates hotter – and harder – than it’s been in years.

If you want to land top talent, it’s time to impress them, instead of sitting back and waiting for them to impress you. Where should you start? Here are three ways to stand out as a top employer and attract the best people:

Write exceptional job postings. A bulleted list of job duties? That’s not likely to impress a top-tier candidate. To get them to take notice, move beyond humdrum responsibilities and required skills – and explain what’s in it for the candidate:

  • Describe the major challenges which must be met to succeed.
  • Explain how performance will be measured.
  • Detail potential career paths for individuals in this role.
  • Highlight why you’re an employer of choice. Top candidates want great benefits, bonuses, merit-based awards, wellness programs, flex work options and opportunities for training, professional growth and advancement. Explain the ways your company distinguishes itself as a best place to work.

Strengthen your employment brand. What a job seeker learns about your company from others – both in person and online – dramatically influences their perception of how great (or lousy) a place it is to work. In this earlier post, we share tips for building a more positive employment brand with help from your employees.

Leverage your website. Here are a few ideas to make the career section of your website more engaging, informative and fun for potential candidates:

  • Pull back the curtain. Add facility tour videos (featuring your amazing team members), photos or employee interviews to show what it’s really like to work in your organization.
  • Showcase your values and culture. Determine what sets your company apart – whether it’s your laid-back culture, your commitment to work/life satisfaction, your amazing work spaces or something else – and highlight those aspects on your website.
  • Be real. No culture, work environment or position is perfect – and savvy job seekers don’t expect it to be. Impress them with a healthy dose of honesty, describing what your company is now – and what you’re striving for in the future.
  • Add helpful resources. Think like a job seeker. What sort of information would you find helpful if you were considering a career with your organization? Beyond a standard FAQ, build a resource library that covers everything from potential career paths in your company to tips for a successful interview.

Need hot talent?

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