The Top 5 Job Search and Career Blogs of 2017

It’s hard to believe, but 2017 is nearly over!

Over the past year, we’ve added dozens of posts to our blog, packed with practical job interview, job search, resume preparation and career growth advice to help you succeed in your chosen field. If you haven’t been a regular reader, no worries; today’s post will get you all caught up.

Below, we’ve summarized PrideStaff’s top 5 job search and career blogs of 2017. Before the calendar flips, resolve to read these posts – and get set for an amazing career in the New Year!

2017’s Best Job Search and Career Blog Posts

“Why Do You Want This Job?” How to Answer the Right Way

There are dozens of wrong ways to answer this common interview question. And dodging it isn’t an option if you actually want the job. It’s highly likely you’ll be asked some variation of the “Why do you want to work here?” question in your next interview, so this post explains how to answer it successfully.

3 Reasons Your Resume Is Ending Up in the Trash

Frustrated with clicking that “Submit” button over and over again, only to be met with an auto-generated rejection letter or (worse yet) stony silence? It’s enough to make even the most persistent job seeker lose their will to apply. Beyond meeting the basic resume requirements, what can you do to keep your resume out of the trash – and keep yourself in contention for the jobs you really want? This post explains common resume mistakes you need to avoid.

Maybe I Shouldn’t – Questions You Should Never Ask at Your Interview

In a job interview, asking great questions just might land you the job, but asking the wrong ones can be an immediate deal-breaker. In this post, PrideStaff shares four questions you should never ask in an interview – and shares smarter ways to find out what you need to know.

Being Blue Will Keep You from Seeing Green

Stuck in a job you hate? Need to jump start your stalled job search? Getting down about work-related troubles is understandable, but it’s not productive. In fact, negative thoughts can trigger a downward spiral that undermines your confidence and limits your success. If you’re feeling depressed or defeated about your career, use these tips to shake off the blues – and start seeing some green.

Moving On, Without Burning a Bridge

Accepting an offer for a great new position is exhilarating. But if you’re employed, it leaves you with the very uncomfortable task of quitting your job. Regardless of how satisfied or frustrated you are with your current organization, here’s how to take the high road when you resign – so you can use the employer as a reference in the future.

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