Top 10 Careers that You Should Look Into

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If you’re considering starting or switching to a new career, it’s smart to look before you leap. Change is happening all around us; social, economic, environmental, technological, demographic factors are continually changing the world of work – and the skills needed to succeed.

While the U.S. job market is hot, positions in certain functional areas and industries are much more promising than others. As you evaluate your options, choose a career or job that offers the stability, growth, work/life balance and long-term opportunity you need.

Hot Careers in 2020 – and Beyond

Which careers are poised for growth? According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor, these are the top ten fastest growing occupations between 2018 and 2028:

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Job Title Percent Job Growth 2018-28 Median Annual Wage 2018
Solar photovoltaic installers 63.30% $42,680
Wind turbine service technicians 56.90% $54,370
Home health aides 36.60% $24,200
Personal care aides 36.40% $24,020
Occupational therapy assistants 33.10% $60,220
Information security analysts 31.60% $98,350
Physician assistants 31.10% $108,610
Statisticians 30.70% $87,780
Nurse practitioners 28.20% $107,030
Speech-language pathologists 27.30% $77,510

Skills of the Future

Regardless of your chosen field, artificial intelligence, the accelerating rate of change, the growth of remote work and an increasingly diverse workforce are impacting the skills you need to make yourself marketable. The jobs of the future will require new skills, and many existing jobs will require skills not previously associated with them.

As you pursue your career, keep your prospects bright by developing proficiency in these areas:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Tech savviness
  • Critical thinking

Ready for a new career in 2020?

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