Top Careers for 2013

The New Year is a perfect time to start or revamp your career.

Whether you’re new to the workforce, or an experienced professional looking to make a change, it’s important to know which jobs and industries are the best bets for sustained growth.  To ensure your long-term career success, you should choose an occupation that’s a good fit for your skills and interests – but also one that is expected to grow, or at least recoup job losses due to the lengthy recession.

Every year, organizations like Forbes, CNN the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and CareerBuilder conduct exhaustive research to develop their own lists of top careers.  Here’s what they have to say about the hottest jobs for 2013:

  • Overall, companies will hire most heavily for sales and information technology positions this year.  Other roles that are likely to experience healthy growth are customer service, engineering and production.
  • Location-wise, the West and the South are likely to lead other regions in job growth.  Employers in both the Midwest and the Northeast expect to hire more than last year, but also predict upticks in headcount reduction.
  • The most coveted positions in 2013 have a steep learning curve that’s coupled with strenuous education and/or training requirements.  For example, becoming a dentist requires not only several years of advanced education, but also years of residency and passing a licensing exam.  Similarly, becoming a licensed plumber requires an apprenticeship of up to five years before taking a licensing exam.  For professional and trades careers alike, education and training spell greater opportunity in 2013.

So what are the top job titles for this year?  Here is a sampling of top jobs (requiring a bachelor’s degree) that have produced the most jobs post-recession – and are likely to experience continued growth:

1.       Software Developers (applications and systems software).  According to the BLS, 70,872 jobs have been added since 2010, amounting to seven percent growth.  Most software developers work for computer systems design and related services firms or software publishers; others work in computer and electronic product manufacturing industries.  This job category has grown because companies are competing more heavily than ever to be the first to market with innovations that will create new revenue streams.  Software developers can expect to earn about $90,500 a year.

2.       Accountants and Auditors.  Since 2010, over 37,100 jobs have been added in this category (three percent growth).  According to the BLS, these professionals prepare and examine financial records, and ensure that taxes are paid properly.  The typical accountant earns around $61,700 per year.

3.       Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists.  This profession has added 31,335 since 2010, amounting to a 10 percent increase.  Marketing and market research professionals study market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or service.  They help companies determine what products people want, who will buy them and at what price.  According to the BLS, they earn about $60,500 per year.

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