What Interview Questions Uncover a “Can Do” Attitude?

Want to hire a complainer? Somebody who hits you with objections and excuses every time you assign them a new task?

Of course you don’t – nobody does!

When it comes to effective hiring, gauging a candidate’s attitude is just as important as evaluating their skills and experience. Because even if an employee performs their job adequately, doing so with a bad attitude can bring their entire team or department down.

Unfortunately, it’s tough to spot a whiner during the interview process. They may put on a cheery façade to mask their negativity and fool you into thinking they’re a team player. How can you weed out the wannabes and hire people with a true “can do” attitude?

Here are a few interview questions you should ask:

  • Describe a major obstacle you faced on the job. How did you overcome it?
    A candidate with a great attitude views obstacles as temporary and something they can surmount.
  • How do you handle situations in which you’re asked to do something beyond your capabilities?
    An individual with a positive outlook embraces change and isn’t afraid to occasionally be pushed outside their comfort zone.
  • Tell me about a time that you caused an issue within your team or department. How did you resolve the situation?
    Questions that reveal how a candidate relates to others under difficult circumstances are typically good indicators of their true attitude. Look for responses that show the candidate can manage confrontations effectively and professionally.
  • How have you helped someone on the job, at an inconvenience to yourself?
    Candidates with a “can do” attitude will go above and beyond the call of duty to help a coworker, supervisor or customer in need. If the candidate struggles to provide even a single example, consider it a red flag.

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