What Is Your Goal This Year?

new year goals

Find a job. Be a kinder person. Lose weight.

While people’s intentions may be good, 80% abandon their New Year’s resolutions within just a few months.


How can you beat those odds?

Whether you want to achieve something in your personal or professional life, creating a plan to reach your goal is the first step towards making it happen.


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Start by setting SMART goals.

This goal-setting acronym is effective for a straightforward reason: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound goals are more likely to be achieved! SMART goals work by creating a “no excuses” environment that will support your success all year long.

Here’s a brief description and example for each element of a SMART goal for someone who wants to earn a promotion and pay raise in 2021:

  • Specific: Your goal should describe, in detail, the desired outcome.
    • Example: Earn a promotion from assembler to assembly supervisor.
  • Measurable: Structure your goal so that it’s very clear whether they were met.
    • Example: Be given a supervisory job title and raise (insert standard pay raise for promotion to your organization’s supervisor level).
  • Achievable or Attainable: Create an annual goal you have the resources, training, and experience to attain.
    • Example: Enter the company’s supervisory training program to fulfill all requirements for earning a supervisory position.
  • Realistic: Your goal should be challenging, but not impossible, to achieve.
    • Example: Choosing a role that is the next logical step in your career progression (i.e., moving up from assembler to assembly line supervisor) is much more realistic than aiming for a VP role.
  • Time-bound: Attach a specific time limit to your goal so that it’s a tangible priority.
    • Example: Earn a promotion to assembly supervisor (and accompanying raise) by December 31, 2021.


Next steps:

Once you clarify your SMART goal:

  • Write it down. Place your goal in a location you’ll see it (and repeat it to yourself) several times a day. Why? Repeatedly reading your goal implants it in your subconscious mind – and dramatically improves the likelihood you will achieve it.
  • Define the gap. Consider what needs to be done to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Determine what resources you require to overcome obstacles along the way, and detail a realistic plan to achieve success.
  • Create interim goals. Break your annual goal into a series of milestones: smaller, short-term goals that will keep you moving forward. Make each of these interim goals SMART, too, so you stay motivated and ensure that you stay focused on realizing your overarching goal.
  • Gauge your progress along the way. Each month, take stock of your progress. What small goals did you hit? Where do you need to course-correct? Adjust when necessary, be patient with yourself if you falter, and reward yourself for achieving milestones along the way.


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