Why Wait Until Their First Day to Start Training?


They sailed through the interview phase.

Their references checked out beautifully.

They accepted your offer.


Congratulations: You have yourself a great new hire!

Your work is done, right? Nope – it’s just beginning. Between now and your new hire’s first day, you have a ton to accomplish. And that new employee of yours is at their most vulnerable during this critical initial period.

Your onboarding process can make or break an employee’s success with your organization. A structured, seamless onboarding experience:

  • sets the tone for your employment relationship;
  • lays the groundwork to equip the new hire to do their job;
  • accelerates learning and integration with existing employees.

Does your onboarding program accomplish all these strategic objectives – or is it just a mind-numbing day of paperwork and orientation? If it’s the latter, technology may offer the solution you need. In recent years, IT and HR professionals have developed amazing new applications to streamline and augment the onboarding function, and fully integrate onboarding with other HR information and learning management systems.

Don’t wait until your new hire starts to begin onboarding!


With these apps, you can welcome, train and begin integrating your new employees well before they start – boosting their engagement, performance and job satisfaction from day one:

  • Talmundo. This onboarding software solution is designed to augment the new employee’s onboarding experience with a fun-to-use interface and comprehensive “road map” for pre-onboarding and onboarding. Counting down from hire date to start date, the app: gathers feedback about the recruitment process; pre-introduces new team members and supervisors; includes training with quizzes; and helps new hires learn more about their new role.
  • BambooHR. Branded as “employee self-onboarding software,” this platform allows new hires to manage their paperwork, connect with new colleagues via email, and receive instructions before their first day. HR professionals can create detailed, custom reports from system data to make the human resource function more proactive and strategic.
  • Click Boarding. This platform is best known for its ability to integrate with several applicant tracking systems, human resource information systems, payroll, learning management systems and more. It features an Action Center dashboard, which allows HR to instantly see where each new hire is in their process. For new hires, Click Boarding promises an automated, easy onboarding process that features videos and branded learning content.

Want to get new hires off to a productive start?


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