2014 Hiring Trends Survey Overview

What are today’s top hiring challenges? How easy (or difficult) is it to find qualified talent? Which recruiting tools are the most (and least) effective?

We have the answers you’re looking for. PrideStaff recently conducted an online survey to gauge workforce and hiring trends across the U.S. The survey was completed by nearly 1,000 individuals, representing a wide range of industries and company sizes.
Here is a quick summary of the key findings from PrideStaff’s 2014 Online Workforce and Hiring Trends Survey (download the full version here):

Biggest Hiring Challenges
When asked about their top hiring challenges, managers’ responses were mixed but the majority are being affected by the shortage of qualified talent:
  • 56.2% – Shortage of qualified talent
  • 32.5% – Budget/payroll constraints
  • 8.4% – Lack of time to hire
  • 2.9% – The cost of hiring (recruitment and/or advertising expenses)

Massive Skills Shortages

  • Over half (56.2%) of all hiring managers surveyed reported that a shortage of qualified talent was their biggest challenge.
  • A general lack of work readiness, combined with a technical skills mismatch between applicants and available jobs, has made it challenging to fill openings in a number of job categories. 
  • Respondents cited skilled workers (42.6%) and general laborers (25.9%) as the job categories with the largest skills gaps. An increase in domestic manufacturing, coupled with rising consumer confidence, has fueled hiring demand for skilled labor such as CNC machinists, welders, machine operators and forklift drivers, as well as general laborers.

Most Effective Recruiting Tools

  • Staffing and recruiting firms are seen as one of the most effective recruitment tools. Nearly 75% of respondents rated them as either an extremely or somewhat effective recruiting tool.
  • Referrals rated as ineffective. 33% of respondents reported that referrals were not effective with another 34% reporting they have never used referrals in the hiring process.
  • Large job boards and social media are still underutilized. The majority of responders report they have not yet used the major job boards or social media as recruiting tools. Higher posting costs, lack of time and lack of knowledge may be holding these employers back from trying these tools.

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