4 Great HR Podcasts You Need to Listen to On Your Morning Commute


Ready to:

  • get inspired?
  • learn new HR and management best practices?
  • grow professionally and personally?

…all before you even start your work day?

Try listening to one of these podcasts! As mentioned in this earlier post, listening to a podcast in the morning is a great way to shake off mental cobwebs, prep your brain for a busy day of work and start your day on a positive, productive note.

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5 Podcasts You Should Listen To

What are the top podcasts for HR professionals and managers?

Here are four of our team’s favorites to listen to while you’re getting ready for work or commuting:

  • Workforce Health Engagement – This special series is designed for HR executives, CEOs and other business leaders about creating a culture of health and building on the latest trends in communication, epidemiology, disease management, benefit plan design and more. Hosted by Jesse Lahey, SPHR, the show explores strategies to improve your employees’ health and productivity, while protecting your company’s bottom line.
  • HR Happy Hour – The title may refer to your workday’s end, but the insights offered will help you get off to a great start each morning! As the longest running and top-downloaded HR podcast, episodes focus on emerging trends in human resources, management, leadership and workforce technology. The show is hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference.
  • Nine to Thrive HR – Presented by the Human Capital Institute, this podcast features a wide range of HR thought leaders and professionals. Episodes present diverse perspectives on popular topics such as recruitment, workforce planning, people analytics and more.
  • Talking HR – Whether you’re an HR professional or business leader, hosts Krishna De and Jon Ingham will entertain and inform you by sharing information, resources and tips on people and organizational development. In each episode, they tackle talent, leadership, employee engagement and HR 2.0 topics to help you achieve more in human resources.

Morning cup of joe not cutting it?

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