4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Ghost Your Recruiter


What has happened to common courtesy in the job search process?

Research from Indeed describes an alarming rise in “ghosting”: when one party vanishes from the hiring process without warning. Among the 500 U.S. job seekers and 500 U.S. employers surveyed:

  • 28% of job seekers admitted to ghosting an employer in the past year (up from 19% in 2019).
  • 77% of job seekers say an employer has ghosted them.
  • 57% of employers and job seekers believe ghosting is becoming more common.

While the reasons candidates cease all communication with prospective employers are sometimes understandable:

  • A better job offer comes along…
  • The pay is too low…
  • The opportunity isn’t the right fit…

…behaviors like skipping interviews, ignoring job offers, or simply not showing up for work are just bad form – and can wind up coming back to haunt you.

Here are four reasons why you should never ghost a recruiter:

1. You’ll cause unnecessary worry.

If you don’t reply to multiple messages (especially if you’ve previously been responsive), an employer may rightfully worry if you’re experiencing some kind of emergency. Once they realize that you’re simply avoiding them, however, that worry will quickly turn to frustration.

2. Recruiters keep records.

Ghosting burns bridges. If you “go dark,” chances are excellent that an employer will flag your resume and never consider you for work with them again.

3. Bad news travels fast.

While it’s unlikely, professional recruiters would ever take to social media to label you as a “ghoster,” people network and swap stories. You never know who is talking to whom; is it really worth the risk to your reputation and long-term career success?

4. It’s extremely easy to take the high road.

While you don’t need to make an in-person visit or even pick up the phone to bow out of an opportunity, you have an ethical responsibility to the recruiter to let them know you’re not interested. At the very least, send a respectful email, text, or direct message (really, how hard is that?). Your recruiter will have much more respect for you in the long run if you communicate professionally, preserving your relationship and chances for employment.

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