Hire Someone That Fits Your Existing Team Dynamic Using These 3 Tips

You’ve worked hard to build a great workplace culture and team environment – one in which employees, managers, and leaders alike trust, respect, and work well with one another.

But what happens to that delicate balance when you bring in someone new?

It depends on how well you hire for culture.

No matter how experienced or skilled a new hire is, they won’t thrive in your workplace if they don’t fit your existing team dynamic. Does that mean you need to hire carbon copies of your current employees? Absolutely not. But, it does mean you should be intentional during the hiring process to ensure they’ll mesh with coworkers, higher-ups, and even direct reports.

Here are three tips for hiring someone who fits your current team dynamic:

1. Find out the type of work environment your candidate prefers.

Ask an open-ended question or two to understand where they thrive, such as:

  • How would you describe the culture in which you’re the happiest and most productive?
  • What are the characteristics and qualities of your ideal boss?
  • (For management candidates): As a new team leader, how would you build trust and inspire exceptional performance from your staff?

2. Confirm they share your core values.

During the interview, review your company’s values. Ask the candidate for an example of how they’ve demonstrated each on the job. If you don’t have core values defined, consider which of the following aspects of team dynamics are most important for success in your organization – and ask the interviewee for examples:

    • Collaboration
    • Flexibility
    • Competitiveness
    • Coaching
    • Achieving consensus
    • Interdependence
    • Shared purpose
    • Independence
    • Accountability

3. Pay attention to how the candidate interacts with others.

Even if you get along well with a potential employee, that doesn’t mean they’ll complement your current team dynamics. For candidates who make it through your initial interview, schedule time to speak with others they will work with: peers, subordinates, and supervisors. Pay attention to how they interact with others and debrief as a team to build a fuller picture of potential culture fit.

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