6 Reasons Hiring Workaholics May Cause More Harm Than Good

There’s a fine line between hard work and overwork.

As we explained in this earlier post, a “can do” attitude is typically an asset; it shows you they are willing to bring their best effort to their job every day. And as a society, we’ve been conditioned to appreciate “go-getters” in the workplace. Someone who’s willing to make sacrifices for their employer and does whatever it takes to get a job done may seem like a great hire – especially in a small business.

But an employee who works so hard that they ignore their wellbeing won’t be an asset in the long run. Here’s why:

1. Workaholics are more prone to burnout.

Over time, the long hours will catch up with them and cause them to become disgruntled or even quit.

2. Workaholics are typically poor collaborators.

They’re so consumed with their duties that they struggle to empathize with coworkers.

3. Workaholics don’t take good care of themselves.

Burning the candle at both ends isn’t sustainable. People who disregard their mental and physical health simply cannot bring their best selves to work.

4. Workaholics can compromise workplace safety.

People who work with tired brains and bodies are more prone to making mistakes on the job.

5. Workaholics impact your culture.

The stress they carry makes them short-tempered, strains workplace relationships, and affects their whole team.

6. Long hours don’t equal great results.

While a workaholic may come in early, work late, and even work over weekends, all that “busyness” doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more productive, creative, efficient, or successful than their more balanced counterparts – in fact, it’s typically the opposite.

So, does your job candidate have a “can do” attitude – or are they a workaholic?

In the interview process, look for these red-flag traits of people who are truly addicted to working themselves to the proverbial bone:

  • They’re attracted to high-stress environments.
  • They’re motivated by fear and loss – not success and achievement.
  • They work to stay busy – not necessarily to complete tasks.
  • Their level of effort typically exceeds their level of productivity.

Need high performers – not workaholics?

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