How to Ask for a Promotion

Ask For Promotion

You excel in your job.

Your last performance review was stellar, and you’re clearly ready for new duties, more responsibility and the pay increase that comes with it.

What’s the best way to ask your boss for the promotion you deserve?

How to Ask for a Promotion:

  1. Choose the next step in your career path. To make sure you’re positioning yourself for a fulfilling and successful career, explore paths within your organization. Choose a next step that leverages your natural strengths, is appropriately challenging and aligns with your organization’s needs. Read this earlier post for more information on choosing a career path.
  2. Improve your skills. Show that you have what it takes to do the new job by taking a class in a necessary skill, obtaining a certification required for the promotion, or asking for on-the-job training.
  3. Take initiative. Ask to be assigned to a higher-level project that interests you. Volunteer for tough or thankless tasks that are necessary for success, but nobody wants to do. Arrive early and stay later when needed to get a job done. The extra effort you exert will demonstrate that you’re ready for what’s next.
  4. Prepare your case. Develop the story of why your hard work, exceptional job performance, skill development and initiative merit a promotion. Provide proof by gathering: data from your latest performance review; recommendations or testimonials from clients, customers or other team members; an overview of your key accomplishments, new skills and certifications; and any other evidence that shows you’re prepared for more responsibility.
  5. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with your boss. While the “perfect” opportunity to ask for a promotion may not exist, plan your timing carefully – and state your request during a private meeting. Your annual review is a logical time to discuss where your career is headed, but if you see changes in your organization that signal a window of opportunity (i.e., company restructuring, departure or promotion of a key employee), seize it by scheduling time to speak with your boss about your performance and potential.
  6. Be confident, but humble. Express your enthusiasm for the opportunity of being promoted, but be careful not to come across as entitled. Use the data you’ve prepared to explain why you deserve a promotion (and not merely why you’d like one).
  7. Propose something specific. Instead of simply saying you “want more responsibility,” detail the type of role you’re qualified to take on. This is where the career path homework you’ve done will pay off.
  8. Remain flexible. If you can’t get exactly what you want today, work with your boss to create a plan for your growth and advancement.

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