Attracting Employees That Are Done With Gig Apps

As the price of gas has gone up, more and more workers making money with ridesharing or food delivery during the pandemic are looking for other options. Savvy companies have a unique opportunity to appeal to people seeking an easier way to pay their bills while enjoying the same perks that attracted them to gig work in the first place.

Use these tips from PrideStaff to attract motivated gig workers looking for a change:

Update Your Tech

Does your organization leverage digital recruitment methods to source candidates? 53% of job seekers between the ages of 18-29 use their smartphones to search for jobs. Companies need to go beyond traditional hiring methods and get digital to attract a demographic that always has a phone at hand. Consider posting jobs on social media and professional networks instead of relying solely on job boards. Using recruiting automation and mobile apps can help you connect with candidates faster, providing the speed and ease gig workers expect from an employment experience.

Offer Benefits

Stress the benefits your organization offers employees that are not available to gig workers. It’s likely your firm provides valuable benefits such as health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, paid holidays, and more. These perks can entice workers who pay these expenses out of pocket. Wellness benefits can also be attractive to gig workers who aren’t accustomed to having programs in place that encourage work-life balance.

Provide Flexibility

A primary attraction of gig work is its autonomy. Gig workers are their own bosses and can often get work done however and wherever they choose. It’s challenging to create that degree of flexibility in a more traditional work setting. However, offering remote work options and allowing employees to choose projects they want to do can provide flexibility while still encouraging productivity.

Create Meaning

The gig generation wants to be part of something bigger than themselves. They are keenly aware—particularly in light of recent global events—that giving back is essential to the community’s health. Showing your organization values people and community is a great way to gain the loyalty of gig workers. Communicate your community involvement through social channels and build an employee brand that shows the meaning of working for your company.

Keep It Interesting

Gig workers often enjoy meeting new and interesting people throughout their days, an option that isn’t always possible in a traditional work setting. Consider how your organization can provide the social stimulus that fuels workers accustomed to being on the go for hours at a time. Is it time to rearrange department locations? Host a company-wide coffee break? Offering the opportunity for team members to make new connections can create a stronger team.

Looking to hire?

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