Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem!

Gripers. Finger pointers. Slackers.

Most companies have at least one of them.

The question is: Is it you?

A single bad apple can really destroy morale – even if they’re unaware of how toxic their behavior is.

How can you ensure you’re part of the solution – and not the problem?

Ask yourself these questions to make sure you’re a positive contributor who lifts your organization up – and not someone who drags everyone else down:

  • Do you volunteer for tough jobs – or do you expect someone else to pick up the slack?
  • When you have an issue with a coworker, do you address it with them directly – or do you complain to other team members?
  • When you make a mistake on the job do you own it – or do you play the blame game?
  • When you’re stressed on the job do you maintain a positive attitude – or do you make sure everyone knows just how overburdened you are?
  • When someone else asks for help with their work are you patient and generous – or do you throw up your hands and say, “That’s not my job!”
  • Do you look for opportunities to praise and recognize others – or do you look for opportunities to toot your own horn?
  • Are you able to engage in constructive conflict – or do you wind up in shouting matches?
  • When problems crop up do you say, “How can we solve this together?” – or do you point fingers?

From the way these questions are phrased, it’s obvious which type of person you should be at work. But if you struggle to accurately evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, ask your supervisor for feedback.

If you receive a negative response, try to set your ego aside and learn from the input. Self-awareness is the first step toward growth. Everyone has areas in which they can improve and adopting a mature attitude while focusing on meaningful change will help turn things around, lift up your team and fast-track your career success.

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