Biggest Talent Shortages in 2019

Hiring in 2019?

Get ready to work harder than ever to recruit the good people you need:

  • Skills gaps are widening. Research from the Society for Human Resource Management indicates that eight out of 10 HR professionals report that high-demand and soft skills are already in short supply.
  • Unemployment remains low. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ unemployment rate graph looks like a ski slope – and we’ve been at the bottom of the hill for months.
  • Disruptive technologies – in areas like artificial intelligence, workforce automation, cyber security and medical diagnosis and treatment – are rapidly and fundamentally transforming the way work is completed, further compounding the problem of skill shortages.

Just which areas are experiencing the biggest talent shortages? Research (compiled from a number of sources) suggests the following types of workers will be in short supply between now and 2030:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Social assistance workers
  • Manufacturing workers
  • Knowledge workers (e.g., financial and business services professionals)
  • Technology, media and telecommunications workers

As employment and talent markets continue to shift, keep these pointers in mind to beat shortages and find the skilled workers you need:

Be proactive.

Even if you don’t have open positions right now, you should still plan for the future. With unemployment predicted to remain low and skill shortages already at critical levels in many industries, you’ll likely need more lead-time to source qualified candidates. Make sure you forecast your long-term needs throughout 2019 and beyond, so you can create a proactive recruiting plan.

Invest in training.

Get strategic about upskilling your current employees. Building a culture of continual learning can help you address and even prevent skills gaps, while demonstrating your commitment to employees’ long-term career growth (which boosts engagement, performance and retention).

Speed up your hiring process.

Examine every step of your candidate attraction, intake, evaluation and selection process. Look for ways to shorten your time-to-hire without sacrificing quality, so you lose fewer candidates during the process.

Partner with a national employment agency like PrideStaff.

When good candidates are hard to find, a qualified staffing firm is an indispensable ally. Get better recruiting results by:

  • Being honest. Share your goals and challenges. We want to know what matters most, so we can find the right people to help you achieve more.
  • Inviting your account manager in for a tour. Show us the ins and outs of our business, your corporate culture and what makes your company tick. When we see your facility first-hand and meet your team, we can create even better matches.
  • Benchmarking high performers. Let’s learn together what it takes to be successful in your organization. When you do have a hiring need, we will be primed to quickly refer qualified candidate who are a great match.

The early bird gets the best talent.

It’s never too early to discuss your staffing and hiring needs with us! Contact your local PrideStaff office today to get started.