Career Planning for 2017

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” It may be cliché, but it’s a highly relevant message for anyone looking to switch jobs or get ahead in their career.

So which category will you fall in when the calendar flips: the people who failed to plan, or the people who planned to succeed?

If you want a promotion or a better job next year, make sure it’s the latter. Use these career planning action steps from PrideStaff to get the ball rolling:

  • Assess your current situation. As a rule of thumb, something should change (for the better) in your career about every two years. If you haven’t earned a promotion, received a pay raise or taken on new responsibilities, you are at risk of stagnating – and should plan to do something about it.
  • Inventory your strengths and weaknesses. What are you great at? What do you struggle with when it comes to your career? What interests you most? Consider your personality, values, preferences and job skills to determine where you’d like to make changes in the coming year.
  • Envision where you’d like to be by the end of 2017. What does your ideal job look like? What sort of work makes you happy and provides sufficient challenge? What do you want to do, learn or achieve? Write down a detailed description.
  • Schedule a career development meeting with your boss. If you want to get ahead, take the proverbial bull by the horns. Request a sit-down with your supervisor to explain your desires and make a plan for success. During the meeting:
    • Review your professional interests and goals, considering how those align with the organization’s objectives for the coming year. Look for opportunities that meet your need for growth, while also supporting your employer’s needs.
    • Discuss potential career paths. In addition to job responsibilities, talk about timeframes, milestones and performance standards, so you have realistic expectations of what will be required of you.
  • Reflect. After the meeting, take some time to weigh your options. Consider how well each opportunity matches the ideal scenario you described above. Ask trusted co-workers, friends or family for advice if you need a sounding board.
  • Take action. Once you’ve decided on a course for 2017, schedule another meeting with your boss to create a clear plan. Outline the action steps (i.e., closing skills gaps, finding a mentor, taking on “stretch” assignments, cross-training, etc.) you’ll need to take to move toward your goals. Then, schedule regular follow-up meetings to gauge your progress and stay on track throughout the year.

Can’t find the opportunity you want with your current employer?

It might be time for a change. If you want to find a better job, broaden your job skills, explore a different career or gain valuable work experience, temporary work with PrideStaff can help you achieve your career goals in 2017. While you’re on assignment, we can actively search for direct job opportunities that match your skills, experience and interests.